Friday, 10 July 2009

Mrs P - possibly younger than I thought

Today is my wedding anniversary. (Happy anniversary, Mrs P!)

I bought a card for her, of course. Well, A&E is not the best place to start the day. On the front, it uses phrases such as "To my Wife" and "Wedding Anniversary". There were also some pretty bits stuck on to make a nice pattern. So far, no surprises.

What did surprise me, a little, was what was written on the back:

DANGER - Small parts. Not suitable for children under 3
Now, I know kids these days do stuff at ever younger ages, but I had no idea that they were getting married at 2.

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  1. I bought a plastic beaker today. With the same message. A pretty big mouth to swallow a beaker.

    I was told that this is a real problem for manufacturers in that is a standard import requirement UNLESS an item has been certified as safe for children under 3 . This costs more so most importers simply put unsuitable for 0-3 on everything. Even on toys for 2-3 years olds.