Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Labour outlaw lawbreaking

Right, let me understand this.

McBride was found to have committed a "clear and serious breach" of Whitehall rules. So, to stop this happening again, new Whitehall rules will be instigated making it clear that this is not allowed. That should help.

In other news, the Pope has admitted that he is not a Catholic, and a range of new public conveniences for bears have been given planning permission on the strict condition that they must not be contructed within woods.


I shouldn't need to explain this, should I? Oh well, just on the off-chance that a New Labour Minister should read this, I'll put it in words that you might understand:

New rules do not work when the problem was that people were breaking the rules.

I was going to add the hypothetical question "Are we ruled by a bunch of idiots or something?". Then I remembered; yes, we are.


  1. At least having this lot around means that they'll never be short of material for another series of Have I Got News For You...

    Or is that not such a good thing?

  2. Perhaps that's the reason for the marked decline in HIGNFY lately? Overabundance of material?

  3. Good point. It is hard to poke fun at things that are so obviously laughable on their own...

  4. Patently, as perceptive as ever.