Thursday, 16 April 2009

Where is Government?

As you may know, I am a partner in a business. I need to make decisions for that business. Lately, they've been getting more difficult. The one that faces us today is that of our staff salaries for the forthcoming year. Traditionally, we have always reviewed salaries in April with the new tax year.

We need to decide by tomorrow morning at the absolute latest, in order to provide instructions in time for the payroll to run. However, despite the fact that we are already weeks into the new tax year, we do not yet have a Budget. We do not know what the tax rates are for the month we are now in. We do not know what funds we are going to have to set aside for employer's NI bills. We do not know what taxes the partners will have to pay on the money being earned today.

Another major factor in the decision is, of course, inflation. But HMG publish two inflation indices. One says about 0%. The other says about 3%. Neither is trusted; neither seems to correspond to real life. So what is the inflation rate? Anyone care to guess?

It would be nice if Gordon could stop entertaining world leaders, stop appointing people to make up lies about the Tories, stop announcing new initiatives that may or may not ever actually happen, and GET ON AND GOVERN THIS COUNTRY. Honestly, any decision would be better than nothing, even if I did disagree with it.

Sorry to shout, but this is getting a tad frustrating.


  1. Especially as Gordon's budgets tend to be so complicated as to be impenetrable. I reckon goods inflation is nearer to 5+% than to zero.

    I thought we were going to have the budget immediately after the G20 so that the agreement could be put into effect immediatement.

  2. But if you can tax your cars before Wednesday you'll save a few quid.

    Having the same problem . If minimum wage goes up then another two will have to go. That will take us to a 20% staff cut since last June when the idiot wouldn't put interest rates down. 2% would have given us the capital to make some orders now.
    Ah well.Gordon knows best.

    Check out Idle's competition. great weekend fun.