Monday, 6 November 2017

First fast day


Oh lordy, am I posting pictures of food now? At least this isn't Instagram, I suppose...
Also had a glass of water, and a coffee when I arrived at work.  Feeling distinctly OK at the moment; my stomach did query whether that was indeed everything after I finished eating, but there are things here to distract me.

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  1. Update: lunch was an apple, and supper was a portion of brown rice and (what felt like) half a portion of leftover lamb from yesterday. My sums put that at a total for the day of about 600 calories.

    I've been noticeably hungry since about mid-morning. So I've tried not to notice, by keeping myself busy. One side effect of that has been a fairly productive day at work, which is no bad thing. It felt odd finishing my supper and still feeling hungry, though. Since then I've been watching iPlayer to keep distracted, and (err) writing this.

    Dr Mosley said that one thing that made intermittent fasting more bearable was that you only had to last the day - you can tell yourself that you'll have that tasty thing tomorrow. He's right, if I thought this was going to last forever then it would be profoundly depressing, but knowing that there's a nice breakfast waiting for me tomorrow makes it a challenge, not a life sentence.

    We'll see if I still feel like that in a few weeks...