Saturday, 27 August 2011


I re-discovered a video this week, which thought I had lost. Back in 1987, I was a teenager stranded for the summer at a remote Aero club, there on an RAF flying scholarship to learn how to fly single-engined Cessnas.

Now, flying training involves long periods of waiting interspersed with short periods of activity. There is plenty of book learning to do in the downtime, but you can only keep that up for so long. So the solitary TV in the corner would be on quite a lot (no Internet, remember...).

This video had just been released, and was surreal enough that it caused quite a fuss. The result was that it was on rather a lot:

All I had remembered of the video were the visuals (for obvious reasons). I quite liked the song, but didn't recall who it was or what it was called. Then, this week, the iPod came across the track for me at random, and suddenly I was back at the flying club, 17 again, looking out the window to see if the weather had lifted.

I've played the video a few times this week, and all the memories of my flying scholarship have come back, clear as day.  It's been nice.  And all it took was a single hook - this video.


  1. I re-discovered a video this week, which thought I had lost.

    If that's the music you were listening to then, the video was right, you had lost.

  2. Ah, good to hear from dear Albert, for whom the FM spectrum starts at 90 and ends at 93. :o)

  3. Albert - you do realise that the BBC Radio station numbers are sequential? They're not the result of some marketing meeting in which some up-and-coming exec with red braces shouted "Hey - wouldn't it be cool if we started at 3?"...

  4. Yes of course. 1 & 2 are for the culturally and intellectually challenged. Being a left-wing organisation the BBC feels it ought to attend to the wishes of such persons.

  5. I did a flying scholarship at the same time and place. Did you stay at the Bruce Hotel? We might have known each other....but there were courses a few weeks a apart so perhaps not.

    I know a few of the other guys went on to a flying career. I went to the oil industry.

    Looked at your Caterham stuff. I have driven one and the acceleration was amazing....a bit better than a Cessna 152 really. As a fan of The Prisoner it is of course an iconic choice.

  6. No, I was billeted with a local family. Hotel? Luxury... ;-)