Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Short Memories

Remember this?
Leadership in the international community
A new Labour government will use Britain's permanent seat on the Security Council to press for substantial reform of the United Nations, including an early resolution of its funding crisis, and a more effective role in peacekeeping, conflict prevention, the protection of human rights and safeguarding the global environment.
Or this?
Human rights
Labour wants Britain to be respected in the world for the integrity with which it conducts its foreign relations. We will make the protection and promotion of human rights a central part of our foreign policy. We will work for the creation of a permanent international criminal court to investigate genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.
Both from the 1997 Labour Manifesto.

Remember this?

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  1. And then Qaddafi waved his foot at Tony during the meeting. Tony pretended not to notice.

    It was a very offensive gesture.
    About the same as the Queen flicking 'V's at a head of state.