Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The Exciting Life of a Patent Attorney

There is an excellent blog for us patent attorneys, called IpKat. It is run by Jeremy Philips, and alerts us to new developments in the world of IP law.

Yesterday, he reported on a patent case involving cartons for sandwiches. It attracted this comment, which I just have to bring to a wider audience:
If you want to review the patent in question it is GB 2 397 573 and not '593 as cited in the judgement om bailii.

Coincidently, I was eating an M&S Chicken Triple sandwich from a
GB0417488.4* sandwich box as I discovered the above error.

Can life be any more exciting than that?

*this is a reference to a UK patent application number...


  1. I told you there was a TV series to be had from this profession.

  2. Yes, Bill, but it won't be as good as Fr Ted.

    Yet another compelling argument in favour of the superiority of Catholicism.