Monday, 8 March 2010

Learning from Labour

Right, so it seems that Labour made a big announcement that they were going to provide more money to provide respite care for carers. And now no-one knows where the money is, least of all those charged with spending it.

Why? Because Labour just threw the money into a huge pot without telling each local Trust how much they were getting, or that it had to be spent on respite care, while setting lots of other "priorities" that they had to meet. Surprise surprise, the money seems to have been spent on other stuff.

It just goes to prove a very simple lesson that we really should now understand after 13 years. If Labour promise to spend "x" in order to achieve "y", then we can be utterly and 100% confident that at least "x" will indeed be spent. Just don't hold your breath waiting for "y" to happen.


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  2. Oooh! A spam comment! I feel like a real grown-up blogger now.

  3. Your post suggests that there might be some correlation between "x" and "y" on occasion. There isn't.

  4. No - only that they promise that there is a correlation. ;-)

    Untrained monkeys might scratch their heads and ask how there could possibly be a correlation, but still they promise....

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