Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Could it hurt if Labour just stopped lying?

The Angry Teen blog is asking this question. Their analysis of Labour's economic policies is, I have to say, spot on.

Go and read it.... now.


  1. It is indeed!

    But you might as well ask a fish if it would hurt to stop swimming, or a bird to stop flying...

  2. When they reach a waterfall, fish stop swimming.

    When they reach a patio door, birds stop flying.

    When they reach 7 May, Labour ....oh my fingers are so crossed it's amazing I can type.

  3. I frequently comment on Angryteen's blogs not many do. I would suggest even implore that more of you out there comment as well a person of his/her talent needs encouraging.

  4. Albert,

    You are not around these days but I want to send you Easter greetings just in case you read this. I hope the fact you do not comment does not mean these are dark days for you. You are in my prayers, well, thoughts. Happy Easter.

    (Txs to Patently for allowing this indulgence on his blog)

  5. Hello Measured,

    Thank you for your concern - I appreciate you thinking of me. I am perfectly well - it's just I gave up blogging for Lent. But now, Surrexit Alleluia! I may be about to make up for lost time!

    Happy Easter!