Tuesday, 9 June 2009

So be it

So the New Labour "rebels" have decided to opt for an utter and unmitigated disaster in a 2010 General Election, rather than a merely dreadful result in 2009.

Your choice. On your heads be it.


  1. Unless some sort of miracle happens they have no chance of winning the next election regardless of who leads them. The decision they have faced therefore is not whether to have a fighting chance in the next election, but whether to have a fighting chance in the election after that. It seems that instead, they have chosen to be out of power for several terms while they go for a complete rebuild. It's odd how our democracy keeps doing this to our major parties.

  2. My guess is that Labour MPs all know that the next election is lost. So they are hanging on, in order to inflict more legislation on us.

    Being Labour leader going into an election that is going to be a disaster is not going to do much for one's future, so everyone is happy to let Gordon Brown do the job. Then they dump him and give the new leader a fresh start, and four or five years to prepare for the 2014/15 election.