Monday, 22 June 2009


I've just listened to last Friday's episode of The News Quiz. Andy Hamilton made the same joke as I did in this post, commenting on Gordon Brown's comment about the relative importance of water and broadband.

Clearly, either fame has hit home and prominent BBC comedians* are trawling my blog for ideas, or my ideas are as lame and obvious as anyone else's....

*and also Andy Hamilton


  1. . . . or your real name is Andy Hamilton, and your work as a patent attorney allows you a fair amount of free time.


  2. Isn't this post really about the importance of Patently? Are you walking on water or drowning your sorrows?

    Remember (Andy, when you read this) the media does have its puposes. Will that frighten him off? What's that about you knowing something about copyright, P?

  3. YMB - Good point, I didn't think of that possibility. I'd best go and check my birth certificate.

    Hi Measured. A bit of both, probably. And I know enough about copyright not to try anything along those lines! Somewhat better evidence of copying would be needed, I think (i.e. some evidence...)

  4. I knew I had heard it already!
    I like Toksvig's "Oh bugger, that means they'll have the road up again"