Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Peter Mandelson tells the truth for ten whole seconds!

It was some time ago that I described my game of Just a Today Minute. I had a good game this morning.

I switched over to Radio 4 in the middle of the interview with Peter Mandelson. I decided to let him off when he spent the first few seconds claiming that the VAT cut had made a difference, but it then was all of 10 seconds or so until he said that food prices were dropping.

At which point, my rules demanded that Pink Floyd should take over.


  1. Nonsense, Mandy has never uttered the unvarnished truth about anything. If he said "good morning" I would want confirmation from an independent source.

  2. :-D @ both

    BQ - More of an 11-year Lapse of Reason, really...