Monday, 19 January 2009

Out. Now.

I want an election. Now.

The Magistrate's Blog has put up a post deploring the tendency of the Police to tip off newspapers about investigations into celebs. It seems that money changes hands. This information is confidential; Bystander rightly identifies this as corruption.

My comment on that post was as follows:

Corruption is now endemic in this country. Police officers sell confidential information about future raids. Local authorites demand a "planning gain" from anyone who dares ask for permission to build something. No end of Ministers set policy to suit friends and donors. Even a seat in the Lords had an identifiable price at one point.

The losers are those who can't pay and those who won't pay. In the former group are those of modest means - exactly the sort who a Labour government should be helping. In the latter group are those with any values.

Those who are left are the ones who form our new Establishment; the immoral rich.

This Government is not only incompetent, it is institutionally corrupt. It is time that it went.

Gordon: Get Out.

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