Friday, 17 October 2008

Ah! My point exactly!

It's always nice when someone agrees with you. Especially when they're at the Spectator Coffee House, which has just posted an article pointing out that if Brown had not taken so much in tax, we'd all be better able to cope with the crunch.

I've pointed out before that my share of the Brown tax rises is (roughly) enough to pay off my mortgage. So had it not been for Brown, I would not need one penny of borrowing today. Now, not everyone is in that position (I've been very reluctant to borrow the huge sums that have been offered to me, for reasons which have turned out to be right) but had that money not been taxed and wasted, we'd all be in a more stable position now.

And on a final thought; £57 billion is indeed a lot of money ... but is also close to an eery multiple of the 60 million who live here. Which would work best; giving the banks close to £60 billion to shore up their balance sheets, or giving every man woman and child in the country a grand to, err, put in the bank?


  1. Or give them a grand to pay for food and heating.

  2. I have been pushing for that too. HMG should send a rebate cheque to every registered voter of a couple of grand. Let people choose what to do with it but encourage them to use it to pay off debts.

  3. Of course, if they used the grand to pay for food/heating/credit card bills/whatever, then the person they paid would, err, put it in the bank. Eventually...

    But then Brown would not be Master of the Universe, Controller of the Banks, Spender-in-Chief of all our money, and he would have to admit that his taxation policies have contributed to the screw-up.

  4. 60 million includes all the children, teens, students and non-working, non retired people too.
    So it is probably a £2000 rebate for all taxpayers, and a £500 to all non taxpayers.