Monday, 4 January 2010

If this is a mild winter...

...then heaven help us if we ever get a severe one.

This morning:

and a few weeks ago:

Is the Met Office giving us forecasts that are "politically corrected". Christopher Booker thinks so.


  1. It's amazing that with all our technical abilities we can put a man on the moon, cure terrible diseases, convey massive amounts of information across vast distances in the blink of an eye, and yet we cannot prevent plummeting temperatures.

    You'd think there'd be some kind of gas that we could put into the atmosphere to act as a blanket or a greenhouse perhaps to keep things a bit warmer.

  2. Have just scraped two cars to rid them of the residue left by all that global warming we've been having...

    Fingers to cold now to type properly 6780322 5444323 ...

  3. The rulers must be shaking with rage from all the snide "so much for global warming" comments being muttered about the place!

  4. Albert - if only! It would be such a neat solution to our current woes.

    Julia - much of my typing looks like that at the best of times.

    BE - Can't help but think of this one from the Daily Mash -"A MAJORITY of Scots are backing a total reliance on fossil fuels in a bid to deliver up to three months of t-shirt weather every year".

  5. They are going to say it is Gaia attempting to self correct. Anyhow if it falls below -10°C the human body can discern no further difference. It suits anyone cold-hearted* but seasons change.

    *There is a difference between being cold-hearted and realistic, coupled with the fact that there are various ways of saying things.

  6. Gaia attempting to self correct

    Otherwise known as "regression to the mean" :-)

    I am indeed unable to tell the difference between -10°C and anything colder. Mainly because anything that low and I flatly refuse to get out from underneath the duvet.

  7. Oh, very good. Double entendre on mean.

    I'd definitely keep you company if it gets that cold but how do we decide who goes to make the tea? ;-)

  8. The Met Office must be right, the present weather can only be an infinitesimal blip. After all, the Met Office Chief Executive has just got a 25% pay rise which must be based on his performance and the need to retain him.

    Oh, I've just looked out the window, it's snowing again!

  9. Patently, I bet you're delighted by the weather now that your new toy has arrived.