Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Best 4x4xfar

I know I said that my Land Rover was due to arrive on Thursday, but after some simply excellent customer service from James French (who I can now heartily recommend!) my Defender was prepared for sale, serviced and MOT'd in double quick time, and I took delivery yesterday evening.

Here she is, in the office car park this morning. Note how many other people managed to get here:

I'm going to stick around to watch for anything urgent, then head home with plenty of time before it gets dark. It's a bit quiet here, so feel free to say hello and keep me company!


  1. Well done you! Now that's what I call a proper 4x4.

  2. Shouldn't the headline of this blog have read "Smug git sniggers from office window"?

    I like the way you have got a 4x4 that is camouflaged, to take account of the colder winters global warming is sending us.

  3. Dippyness - I am in fact incredibly impressed by it. Although I do come to it with a history of driving rear-wheel drive cars.

    Albert - Re title - Probably, yes! As for the colour, I just hope I can find it when I decide to go home.

  4. I do hope you didn't park with your wheels over the bay edge. I hate people who do that... ;)

  5. :o)

    No, there was definately white visible on either side of the car!

  6. Maybe you have spent your time like me. Very few customers to deal with, few staff in lots and lots of dull work that needs doing.Today is a distraction free,work load free time to do all these tasks.

    I have mostly spent the day making hot chocolate, reading blogs, watching weather channel and looking in catalogues.
    The pile of work remains mostly untouched.

  7. It's that moment when 'climbing into a car' is really so. Not to mention the satisfaction of checking all systems are go, none of that turn the key and everything ought to have gone to On. Adjust flaps, heating, fans. Lights. Ignition - little yellow thingies on screen appear and then go out, turn ignition to full, rumble of engine, let's roll.

  8. Hi Bill - yes, there is something about the lack of pressure that mkes it possible to spend so long achieving so little!

    HG - I do agree, there is a huge feeling of ceremony involved. Do you also do the triumphant jump down from the driver's seat when you arrive at your destination and the shutdown checks are all complete? :-)