Thursday, 28 January 2010

Amongst our Weaponry...

I've just received a spam email from "Business Link in the South East", the terribly useful quango without whose support my business would collapse overnight (not).


5 ways to make the most of the recovery

it reads:
The UK economy has emerged from recession. Figures show the economy grew 0.1% in the last three months of 2009.

Guide to planning for recovery

There may still be tough times ahead, but the announcement of growth is a step in the right direction. To help your business benefit as the recovery advances, our Advisers have compiled guidance on key areas, including:

- Retaining and motivating your people.
- Keeping costs under control.
- Planning for growth.
- Marketing.

They missed one out:

- Ensure your email marketing campaigns employ a basic level of numeracy


  1. But perhaps they missed out the one about je ne sais quoi?

    (I feel obliged to point out 5 ways may not have been meant to equate to the key areas. ^.^)

  2. D'oh!

    Must have employed the same consultants as the Treasury....

  3. (OT/ and I don't know why I mention it except I feel bereft this evening having lost my dog/ last year I alluded in a comment to rules now being implemented that were retrospective. After you and Albert quite rightly pointed out that this was highly unusual in nature, I backed down, but have a look at Leg-Iron at 'underdogs bite upwards'. You will see what I was referring to. I can't find the your original post, P, and if you don't remember, it doesn't matter. It does demonstrate how sly this government is, even if they do have collect every penny they can which explains why fuel duty hasn't gone down.)

  4. Fifth was - voting Labour to keep the "stimulus" going

  5. ps I would have thought that keeping staff motivated was important at all points of the cycle not just during the recovery phase...

  6. Julia - maybe, but I hope they're cheaper.

    Measured - the retrospective change is appalling. I may write something on that, if time permits.

    BE - I think you may be right about No. 5.

    Arguably, keeping staff on side is more important in good times - i.e. when there are other jobs they can leave for. It's ages since anyone asked me for a pay rise, or whinged about the state of the office, or asked for a better PC...