Thursday, 15 January 2009

Raedwald is, as usual, spot on

In case you haven't seen it, may I just recommend Raedwald's excellent post on the corrosive effect on local communities of the type of central control to which New Labour is so firmly wedded.

Why would I even consider becoming a local councillor? With no real decision-making power left in local authorities, what would be the point? I would just end up spending my free time accepting responsibility for a body that does as Whitehall tells it.

Indeed, a while back I considered becoming a Magistrate - and decided I was best to keep well clear.

Why would anyone who is successful in business get involved with their community? These people will be aware of the value of their time. They will want to see that it is being used effectively. They will steer well clear of local institutions.

So where do the local boys look to for their role models? Dad, if he is there. Puff Daddy et al, if not.


  1. Depressingly, the Tories spent much of the post-war period centralising with the best of them. Let's hope the parliamentary party has learned its lessons.

  2. There was unfortunately a very good reason for Tory centralising.
    The "Mad Hatton" and many others used cuts in services and incredible rate rises to attack the government.
    A Tory government that had little control of many big city councils faced real problems.

    The answer should have been holding those in office to account for their actions. But it was much easier to take away their bone.

    If the money was given back could we expect no repeat of Nuclear Free Zone signs, friend of the USSR exchange trips, Gay and Lesbian bereavement centres, Fallout shelters for elected officials..

    It goes on now, but might come flooding back with a vengeance, with the added Green incentive.

    "Ipswich, the car free zone."
    "The Stoke city congestion charge"
    ""Basingstoke says NO! to fossil fuels of any kind"
    "Free Range animal clinic..Bolton."

    The very worst deal you will ever get is if you give someone your credit card and tell them to "invest in something for me. Whatever you like"