Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The PBR hits home today

As well as the VAT cut, the bank bailout, the other bank bailout, the car industry bailout, and so on.

Yes, today is the day to deal with this horrible document:

Except that my version has numbers on it. Horribly big numbers. And there is an equally big chunk due in six month's time.

Now, this has to come from somewhere. Specifically, it comes from the profits of my firm, which are 15% down on previous years. Oddly, my tax demands have stayed roughly the same. Yesterday, my firm accepted the inevitable and decided to look at the possibility of redundancies. Today, I am deeply distressed; these are people with whom I have been working for year, who I have got to know as people, and whom I am going to have to say goodbye to knowing what that may mean for them given the state into which New Labour have driven our economy.

And why? This money, taken from me under threat of dire consquences, is being used to prop up employment in the government's "preferred" areas of the economy. Why are those jobs more important than the jobs of the people that I employ?



  1. Because you have to pay your share of the banking, motor and whatever other industries bailout. Gordon Brown knows the most efficient way to run the economy. Stop worrying and learn to love Socialism.

  2. Ask for volunteers. Some people relish the chance to move on.Some have plans that you may be unaware of, while others may be needing work due to a new baby, relative coming to live with them etc.

    Its surprising how well people can react in the first round of layoffs.
    They will have already been discussing it already and may have reached decisions.

    as for the specific charge of why?

    Because we're 'ere lad. No one else. Just us.

  3. You and l are only here to prop up the companies that take fun in stamping on us if we run into problems and tell us how badly we run ourselves.