Friday, 25 January 2013

Points of View

There is a lot in Cameron's speech about Europe that I like, although I am still working my way through it so will have to hold final judgement for now.  One snippet has however jumped out at me, and not in a nice way.

While discussing the importance of the Single Market, he notes:
And I would ask: when the competitiveness of the Single Market is so important, why is there an environment council, a transport council, an education council but not a single market council?
I see the question in a diametrically opposite manner.  To me, the question is, given that the Single Market works well enough, why do we need an environment council, a transport council, and an education council at all? Why not just close them and return the budget to taxpayers?

1 comment:

  1. Poor Dave. He's really looking desperate with this speech. The trouble is, he has next to no chance of being elected, so the promise is meaningless. Even if he is elected, he will not have an overall majority, so he will not get the legislation through. Finally, as has been pointed out elsewhere, it is highly unlikely that he would get any kind of deal from the EU by 2017. This is interesting. Why has he picked a date that he cannot possibly meet? Surely, it is so he has an excuse not to give the referendum. Dave is not noted for doing what he says he will do. I would be amazed if the kind of people he has driven away from his party fall for it in any numbers.

    The other interesting feature is that, off the internet, no one is talking about it. That's what happens when you get the reputation for not doing what you say. After a while no one care what you say. He's kind of the boy who cried wolf, rather too many times.