Monday, 2 April 2012

Did you celebrate "Earth Hour"?

Earth hour - the hour's switch-off of all electrical appliances in a futile attempt to reduce CO2 emissions - was last Saturday.  Did you observe it?

If so, I hope you actually left jobs undone that you would otherwise have used an appliance for.  I hope an hour's worth of washing remains forever in the linen basket, I hope an hour's worth of carpet remains forever unhoovered.  Otherwise, if you just moved the activity to a different hour, those awful emissions will just have happened an hour early or an hour late.

"Ah", but I hear you cry, "I turned the lights off".  Well, I hope you didn't light a candle.


  1. Just to make up for the muppets that actually did observe Earth Hour, I turned on all the lights and computers, heating and air con in the office block.

    Unfortunately, as it was a Saturday, I did this on Friday night, and left them all until this morning.

    So thats 63 hours x ((100x500Wcomputers)+(150x60Wstriplights))=approx 59kW

    Seeing as the average greenfreak probably only turned off 4 or 5 lights, and they would have been those 7w energy saving bulbs, I have personally undone the efforts of 1,686 greenies.

  2. Earth hour? Thankfully, I missed it - or I would now be expending more power making up for lost time. In the meantime, the pagan sounding title reminds me of the 19th Century Soloviev who said something like the antichrist would be a pacifist, an ecumenist and an environmentalist. A pacifist because he will try to convince people nothing is worth fighting for - not even the oppressed. An ecumenist, because he wishes to convince us that there is no truth. And an environmentalist because by encouraging people to worship the earth, the antichrist will stop people worshipping God.

  3. Never mind if you missed it (as I did), there is a high probability that we'll be having lots of them next winter or maybe the winter after next. The government's electricity policy (ie close down coal fired power stations, build windmills and talk about nuclear) will result in more than an earth hour for many of us as at peak times our national generating capacity is almost at its limits

  4. I fear you may be right, EP, and Albert too.

    Anon, I like your style!