Friday, 29 October 2010

Too much fun

This is more fun that should be allowed, surely? The AnalyzeWords site will look at your (or anyone's) Twitter feed and comment on your personality, based on the words you use.

Apparently, emotionally I'm Upbeat, Worried and Angry. Socially, I'm Plugged In, Personable, Arrogant/Distant and Spacy, and my thinking style is Analytic. That is somewhat uncanny...

Right, I'm off to look at the rest of you lot!


  1. I'm a lot less upbeat (which is true) and less angry (surely not?!).

    I score lower on 'personable' too *sulks*

  2. Ah, the sulk is obviously a symptom of your worried nature, Julia.

    M - you seem to be a plugged-in sensory party girl - so why are you worried? ;-)

  3. I knew your answer would amuse me. Me? Worried? Nah. Does 'plugged in' mean electrifying or petrifying?

    Takes one to know one. So where's the party? Feel the rythmn, P. ;-)