Monday, 5 July 2010

Has another year gone already?

It must have, it's time for Iain Dale's list to start up all over again! And, of course, everyone is asking for a vote...

So I'm posting this up purely to explain that I've taken last year's "top 100" sticker down because the new vote is on its way. Not in order to urge you to vote for me. Oh no, because I wouldn't do that. You see, all my readers are too intelligent and discerning to be swayed by such platitudes. You'll all make your minds up totally independently...


  1. Doth protest too much..

    {I'll vote for you if you vote for me.}

    That's AV isn't it?

  2. I thought AV is when we get given the candidate that no-want wants, but no-one really objects to?

    In which case, I may be in with a chance!

  3. I will be doing what I did last year which is to ignore it completely. Dale has squandered his position as head political blogger. I no longer bother with his site.

  4. I read Dale when someone links to him, but not otherwise. Too much to wade through, too much that is just flimflam.

    To be completely frank, my interest in the competition last year was as a means of voting for the people who I thought deserved to be noticed. It was an utter shock to see my own name on the list (even if only at 88th or so).

  5. Aha! Positive discrimination eh?

    I voted for 5 boys, 5 girls.

    Harriet would be proud of us, lad. :o)