Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Cuts Hit Home!

Yes - the NewsBiscuit has full details of the disaster striking our beloved public services as a result of those evil Tory Coalition cuts.
Lincolnshire County Council was thrown into ‘total disarray’ after discovering that the vital roles of ‘Change Manager’ and ‘Diversity Coordinator’ will be left unfilled due to the government’s programme of cutbacks.
But surely these cannot be the only frontline services facing the axe? No, it gets worse:
In a further blow to the local community, Adult Education courses in crystal healing and Reiki have been slashed.
Where oh where will we get the next generation of crystal healers? How will they obtain their essential training if there is not a government-subsidised evening class?

So... How are the local residents reacting to this disaster?
Residents were reported to be in shock, unable to comprehend how society would continue to function, hundreds of council workers have been signed off sick with stress and all council employees over the age of 40 have taken early retirement due to ill health.
Just as we thought. But surely something can be done?
Council workers have organised a series of strikes to protest at the cutbacks
What a relief! Presumably this is their top priority? Yes, it seems - the strikes are:
scheduled to take place in ‘as little as 2 years’ to allow adequate time for proper public consultation and the recruitment of the council’s new ‘Industrial Relations Coordinating Manager’.
Thank heavens - the UK may still be safe....

(Hat Tip: @AdamProvis)


  1. The telling thing was that it was only when you got on to "crystal healing and Reiki" that I began to smell a rat about this story.

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  3. I'm tempted to stay in local government 'til my contract runs out next March and watch it all enter the twilight zone.

    However, common sense tells me I should beat the rush. The crummy thing is, we've got BTL landlord 60+yr olds in our office on 'flexible retirement' (where they claim their pension and a salary) whinging on one hand about the CGT proposals, and on the other 'age discrimination' and why they should be kept on 'til they are 70.

    When I rule the world, their carehomes are getting outsourced to Iraq!