Monday, 10 August 2009

Quote of the Day

Found by Constantly Furious. Kenton Lewis, Head of "Widening Participation" at St George’s Medical School, London, manages to summarise perfectly the approach of the Left with:

“Treating everyone the same way is not appropriate and not equitable”
As CF points out, St Georges presumably has a Head of Admissions - whose job it is to get the best and the brightest into the School in order to study there and provide the UK with the excellent doctors that it needs. Meanwhile, we also pay for a "Head of Widening Participation", whose job is (a) to keep out those who have shown themselves to be the best and the brightest and get some others in to replace them and (b) to come up with utter rubbish such as the above.


  1. "Treating everyone the same way is not appropriate and not equitable"

    And one obvious conclusion that should be drawn is that all anti-discrimination law should be repealed.

  2. Yes, quite! Although, as you pointed out, the law only applies to us little people, not to the Authorities In Whom We Trust who are, of course, premitted to act as they wish because they know what is best for us...

  3. Labour, courtesy of Lord Mandelson, is cooking up a whole load of trouble on this which may catch out the Tories.

    Yes, I have been discriminated against and it hurts. I have been given unrealistic expectations and that also hurts. I have seen token help being provided to a few when really far more assistance should be provided to many. Last of all, every parent wants the best for their child.

    Anyway I am told many leading universities in the States are far better than ours now, partly because they are properly funded and undergraduates have to attend more lectures.