Tuesday, 18 November 2008

At last!

Some blunt common sense from Cameron:
He said he wanted to build a "low tax, low debt economy for the long term".

Suits me....


  1. Now there's someone I could vote for... I've always suspected Cam was harder-headed than his critics gave him credit for. Should have stuck to principle over spin though, then this wouldn't have to be a "u-turn".

  2. Now to form a compelling vot winning argument.
    Brown is begining to feed the Tories some ammo. Keep probing Dave and it won't be long until he resorts to "read my lips ..no new taxes"

  3. Yes Bill - we need to educate the public that this is actually right. At the moment, only those with sense can see that it is (he says, modestly). We need to convince the majority.

    BE - is it a U-turn, if you change your policy in response to changing circumstances? Most comment that I've read doesn't seem to think so.

    LFAT - yes, well, quite.