Friday, 30 May 2008

So Gordon is phoning voters at random. Desperate? Surely not!

Apparently, "he likes to keep in touch with voters who take the trouble to contact him." As reported by the BBC, a letter or e-mail would be chosen at random, a response prepared and then Mr Brown would call. Let's just look at that carefully. A letter is chosen, by an aide presumably. A response is prepared, also presumably by an aide. Then Gordon calls, so that people feel that he is personally concerned about them.

Can he not see the problem with this? Can he not see that this demonstrates his complete and utter separation from normal people? And can he not realise that the job of PM inevitably requires that he be separate? The man is running a country with near 60 million people in it - of course he can't have an individual connection with each and every one of them. If he can't realise that, he shouldn't be in the job. And if his advisors seriously think that this will work, they should be out of a job, too.

Tell you what, Gordon - email me from a address or the like and I'll reply with my phone number. Someone needs to talk sense to you.

(Oh - and if Prime Minister's Questions are PMQs, what does that make a Prime Minister's Telephone call? Sorry Gordon, I can't talk right now .... try again in a week or so)

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