Monday, 21 March 2011

Preparations continue...

... for the Caterham.

I've been reading the Caterham Assembly Guide, which Caterham very kindly allow you to download in advance to help you decide whether you can do it yourself, together with Tim Skipper's very good book written from his own Caterham 7 build diary.  I've also been googling for other build diaries, and reckon that I now have a pretty comprehensive list of the tools needed in order to get the job done (set out at the end of this post, if you're interested).

This has been carefully tabulated as an excel spreadsheet (geek? Moi?) and the tools I already own have been checked off.  That left a somewhat shorter list that I expected, which I forwarded to Rolson Tools, a client of mine who heard that I was thinking of this and immediately offered to help.  True to form, they supplied this box of goodies for a very reasonable price:

Someone will be getting a discount from their next bill, I think.

That leaves a much shorter list of tools, which I may suggest to any relatives who are wondering what to get me for my birthday.

Anyway, if anyone wants to know what I think is the complete list of tools needed to build a Caterham 7, here it is:

Standard Tool List
Socket set Metric
Socket set Imperial
Deep socket set Metric
Deep socket set Imperial
Spanner set Metric
Spanner set Imperial
Screwdrivers - Flat/philips/posidrive
Soft faced hammer - Rubber/plastic/copper/hide
Circlip pliers
Torque wrench 8-60Nm
Torque wrench 60-300 Nm
Allen keys Metric
Allen keys Imperial
Metric Hex bit set
Imperial Hex bit set (Note - Tim Skipper's book explains how to make these if necessary)
Measuring tape
Rivet gun
Twist drill bits Metric
Twist drill bits Imperial incl 5/32"
Crimp pliers
Axle stands x4
Mixing jug
Eye protection

Special Tools
Engine hoist SWL 150Kg
Large socket 41mm
Allen key 10mm or 3/8", cut down to 10-15mm height (the Assembly Guide explains this)

Recommended Tools
Dremel or equivalent
Small files
Metric Tap & Die Set
Jerry can
Centre punch
Foot pump
Tyre pressure gauge
Brake bleeding kit
Breaker bar
Side cutting Pliers
Brake line bending tool
Oil suction tool
Grease gun
Drive adaptor Set
Latex gloves

Rubber lubricant
Loctite Threadlock
Silicone Sealant
Bell housing cover sealant (e.g. Loctite Quick gasket)
Masking tape
Bearing grease

Engine oil
Running-in oil
Gearbox oil
Differential oil
Brake fluid
Tea (copious quantities)


  1. You have left out assistants* and a chief tea maker. You definitely will need a nut or two. ;-)

    *I know you have master p and little miss p, but master m has made a bookcase this term if that is helpful.

  2. Assistance is indeed necessary... engines and differentials are heavy!

    I have made an appropriate correction to the list of fluids, though. :-)