Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Boxes ticked

Yes, my census form is now complete. I only had a few problems.

As promised, my ethnic background is "human".

There was a box to explain briefly what I did at work. That is impossible, and patent attorneys are notoriously bad at explaining anything briefly. I had just enough room in the box to put "Explaining things at much greater le", though.

My form had a printing error; there was a bit missing. So I've been helpful; I wrote in for them "No, I don't speak Welsh".

Finally, they wanted a phone number in case they had any problems. Again, I've tried to be helpful. There was a note on the front of the form giving details of a helpline in case you had problems with the census form, so I wrote that in for them.

Job done, I think.


  1. ::[Knock on the door]::

    "Hello. I am from the Council. Have you completed the consensus?" (sic)

  2. They'll get you Patently!!

  3. Oh, I do hope so, it would make for an interesting chat. After all, I have answered all the questions.

    I doubt it, though.

  4. Except I suppose it will only be an interesting chat with their helpline.

  5. I'd love to have the tape of them calling their own helpline...

  6. I did the same with Q17, but since I haven't sent mine back via post (I've already done it online, but doing it on paper too to make really sure they have all my details) I've still got a chance to put in their helpful phone number.

    I also ensured that I answered ALL the questions!