Friday, 12 November 2010

Let's blow them all sky high

Dungeekin, on the subject of the Twitter Joke Trial:
I believe, in fact, that the people I'd like to blow sky-high the most right now are in the Crown Prosecution Service. I'd also like to set fire to the humourless fuckwits in Greater Manchester Police who even put a file forward to the CPS, and I have special plans involving boiling oil and a half-dozen rabid weasels for the moron so-called Judge who upheld the 'conviction' today.
Damn right. I am so angry.  So this is the result of Labour's anti-terror laws, put in place to protect us?  Dangerous terrorists have to be let out of jail, Abu Hamza has to stay here and cannot be deported, but Paul Chambers is guilty?

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  1. Those who Dungeekin has mentioned have had difficulty distinguishing a flippant frustrated youthful customer with a maniacal suicidal jihadist. Hmmm, how difficult was that given the tweet in question started with 'Crap!'...

    The appetite for easy prey means they can't get their act together to work out Abu Hamza or the disgrace that are control orders. I could be kind and say someone somewhere has too much work and someone somewhere does not have enough but, you are correct, P, the truth is that someone somewhere needs to be shaken very hard to wake them up to prioritise.