Monday, 8 November 2010

Customer Service means Servicing the Customer

We're trying to get BT in to sort out the line that provides our broadband. They allow you to book "am" or "pm".

The "am" slot is defined as anywhere between 8 and 1. The "pm" slot is anywhere between 1 and 6.

Now, one of the benefits of having a wife at home is meant to be that here is someone around to deal with this kind of thing, so I do not need to book a day off for it.

What I want to know is, have any of the BT management (a) ever had to care for a child of school age or (b) ever been to school?


  1. I have telephoned them to explain the situation. I doubt I was the first or last.

    Weird how BT rip your eyes out on telephone lines, but provide decent broadband. I suppose one is a mature market and the other isn't, although I have just dispensed with Tesco Home Phone for calls and now O2 do everything here.

  2. Customer service does indeed often mean servicing the customer. In the livestock meaning, that is....

  3. There was a period when BT was actually a good supplier. It was somewhere in between the rise of Mercury Communications and when European legislation demanded that BT split into a provider of cables and a provider of services.

  4. Customer service isn't about being perfect. Customer service is about making things right, not just the immediate problem, but the root cause. And it is totally about listening to the customer.