Friday, 15 October 2010

Truth will out

I've just watched the 10:10 video (at last, yes, I know...).

I am truly shocked. Genuinely shocked, and stunned. Partly by the graphic content, but mainly that they allowed this to be published. What were they thinking of? Who could possibly think it acceptable?

I am not at all surprised by the message, though. That was old news. People support the climate change movement because they are told to, because they do not understand the technicalities of it, and because anyone who questions it is pilloried. Blowing them up is merely exaggeration for effect.

I started asking scientific questions years ago, initially because I was confused and wanted clarification. No-one has yet answered any of them. Generally, the reply is instead to ask some variant of "why do you want to kill babies?". This is not science; it is brainwashing and coercion.


  1. Bit late to the party, eh? :) I covered this here at the time. Apologies for cut'n'pasting, but this was my main objection (along with all the others you mentioned):

    "There's something even nastier going on here, too ... notice the reactions of the others after the buttons are pressed. They are not cheering and clapping, glad that the naysayers have been disposed of and we can all walk happily into our carbon-free futures. They are shocked and terrified. That is the point, and it is the way that totalitarianism has worked through the ages. Single out one or two, go after them with extreme violence, and the rest will fall into line. They may not like it, but they will obey. They will even turn informer. A frightened population is easily managed."

    It's shocking, horrifying and very disturbing. One good thing - at least we know what's really going on in their minds now.

  2. Why is everyone taking the video so seriously? It seemed like a tongue-in-cheek thing to me.

  3. It definitely wasn't. I thought that it was a spoof on the climate-change militia to start with, but they were serious. At least, they thought it would be a 'laugh', but failed to remember that people getting blown up in public is not very funny in 2010.

  4. So this is from the producers' mouths is it?

  5. Google for "10:10 apology", "splattergate" etc.

  6. Hi Blue,

    I think it was intended to be tongue-in-cheek, but revealed a mentality.

    It was also rather disgusting, and unnecessarily so.

  7. I thought it was a bit silly, but hardly worthy of the outpouring of anger, offence and bile. There are lots of people who spend their whole lives looking for things to make them angry. I feel quite sorry for them.

  8. We owe them a favour. Now we know how they really think. No need to feel sorry for me. I rarely get angry. But this one really tugged my chain. Imagine if it had been written so that furry animals got exploded instead of mere children. Or Muslims. There would have been outrage amongst the Left.

  9. Yes, it was silly.

    It was also visually offensive by way of the splattering gore.

    It was also intolerant of not merely dissent, but insufficient enthusiasm.

    And there is the problem. It simultaneously hit trigger points on many different levels. It guaranteed that pretty well everyone would be offended, whether they're looking for it or not.

    People like me, who are sympathetic to environmental issues in general but unconvinced by global [*insert whatever it is today - warming/climate change/climate disruption], realise that being singled out for bloody dismemberment is in jest, but feel that it harks at the finger-pointing ridicule that is meted out to any who question why the emperor's clothes seem a little transparent.

    Those who support environmentalism in its current incarnation can see that the offensive nature of the video is counterproductive, and are angry at that.

    Those who refuse to acknowledge green issues see the blatant fascistic nature of the video's approach and have all their prejudices confirmed.

    So pretty well everyone is guaranteed to object. Which is why I was simply amazed that any sane person allowed it out.