Friday, 29 October 2010

How does this happen?

Mrs P and I have created a son of whom I am immensely proud.  He is intelligent, witty, and able.  His recent school report was straight 'A's.  His debating skills are (frustratingly) sharp.  His eye/hand co-ordination on various Playstation tests is truly impressive.

So how come he is unable to cope with concepts like "shutting the door after you" or "turning the lights off"?


  1. It's a question I asked a lot when I shared with a good friend of mine. An intelligent, successful person, charming, witty, etc. but was NOT able to clear up after himself. A couple of times he failed to close the front door behind him.


  2. He hasn't yet worked out the answer to the lights problem. The daughter of a neighbour responded to her father's complaint with "you've installed energy saving bulbs, so the longer the lights are on, the more energy you save".
    She probably learned the response from her mother after going to the sales!