Friday, 25 June 2010

Parish Notice

Yes, the layout & style have changed. No, you do not need to visit the optician (unless you think it still looks the same).

I finally became tired of embedded videos & linked images not fitting, and long tracts of text extending down into the basement. At about the same time, Blogger added a template designer allowing web design tyros like me to play around and change stuff. So I played around. And I changed stuff.

There might be further changes, or there might not. If it looks better, or worse, or unreadable on your chosen browser & platform then do let me know.


  1. It looks good, has Blogger finally got some more decent built-in templates?

  2. .  -   ! .  ¿

  3. Your layout and style used to be exactly the same as mine. Since you got there first, it probably looked as if I had just slavishly copied you, and that my blog was a "Patently tribute blog". The fact that you've changed yours means that I don't look like such a copycat any more. So I'm glad you've changed it.

    p.s. Yes, I know what you mean about stuff not fitting. But I suspect I'm just too lazy to ever change mine.