Monday, 5 April 2010

Has the mask slipped?

I want to look at a specific quote from Gordon Brown that has been brought to my attention by the FCA Blog. Their post is worth reading, and analyses the whole story from The Times in much more detail; I want to focus on one specific comment by Brown in respect of the Tory pledge not to proceed with Labour's NI rise. Apparently, Gordon:
says the Tory leader will take £6 billion out of the economy
In other words, not increasing taxes by £6,000,000,000.00 will take this money "out of the economy". The money will not be there any more. It will be gone. It will be no more. It will have passed on. It will have ceased to be, expired and gone to meet its maker. It will, in short, have gone to the great savings account in the sky. It will be ex-money.

Except, it won't. It will still be, it will reside in the pockets of the people who earned it. It will be available to them to spend on the high street or save in the banks (recapitalising them in the process). It will be working to secure the recovery - and it will do so in a way that is fair for all, spent by and for the person who earned it.

But that, of course, is reality - a concept that has deserted Gordon. In his little world, money only exists for him to take from us and spend on our behalf. That is the only way of extracting value from money. He and his minions are the only people who know how to spend it wisely. Any other money is, literally, lost.

So, in one short quote, we see right into Gordon's head. Right into the unreconstructed communist worldview that has ruined this country.


  1. Labour have no idea about wealth creation. It is just so sad there are so many beneficiaries of the public sector that by the time they realise they have had the wool continually pulled over their eyes by Brown who manipulates, misleads and lies, it will all be too late. Brown does not know how to balance the books or run an efficient economy so perhaps his maths is as bad as his spelling.

  2. Arguably, if they did take 6 billion out of the economy in used banknotes and set fire to it, rather than spending it, this would make everyone else better off because the money we earn would be worth more. They will have to do something like this at some point when the Bank of England reverses Quantitative Easing.