Friday, 16 April 2010

Did I hear that right?

Did Eddie Izzard really whinge on behalf of the Labour party that the Conservatives had been given loads of money by business people, who would want something in return?

The Labour Party? The same Labour Party who gave £11,000,000 of our money to UNITE in the form of state support, who then gave it back to Labour as a donation?

Did I really hear that right?


  1. Maybe it was satire but then again the shortarsed twat was only funny for ten minutes about ten years ago and its choice of frocks is diabolical

  2. Eddie Izzard should stick to his day job, the useless cretin.

    What is his day job anyway?

  3. His day job is running.
    Much like Gordon.
    Running from blame. Running up debt.Running in circles.. Running away from decisions..

  4. Oh, yes. I had the 'pleasure' of catching this gurning idiot on tv TWICE!

  5. Thanks Bill for explaining who Eddie Izzard is. I didn't know either. But I've just looked at his Wiki entry. How strange that politicians think being endorsed by such people will make us more likely to vote for them.

    Has the election become a giant X-Factor show without me noticing? Or is it Big Brother House of Commons?