Monday, 15 March 2010


Can anyone identify this music?

It's the dramatic background music from the BBC Horizon programme on the physics of the universe. The iPlayer has it here, for a little while longer, and an example of the music kicks in just after 45 mins in.


  1. Dark flow means that this universe is not alone. Wow! and I am not being sarcastic. Perhaps we are on this planet as a scientific experiment by aliens.

    No idea about the music. Sorry.

  2. I am told by the trendy interns that if you dial 2580 on your mobile and play the tune down the phone you will receive a text of who it is , what its called etc.

    Clever these whizz kids. They dress like surfer rockstars and speak the same, like--ya know, way, dude.

    But really they are just geeks. Only with moussed hair.