Monday, 29 March 2010

Either Lying or Incompetent

I'm not watching the Chancellors debate tonight. I'm getting so upset by the lies, spin, distortions and blatant untruths that pass for "debate" in Labour circles these days that I (seriously) don't think my blood pressure could stand it*. For example, as Dizzy dissects so wonderfully, we are expected to believe that a decision not to raise taxes in the future is a "cut".

That aside, I understand that Darling has claimed that Labour will cut waste in public spending. He has certainly claimed this before now, anyway. I want to examine that more closely.

Labour have, as we know, been in power for 13 years. If there is enough waste in public spending that its elimination will offer serious help in digging us out of the financial crisis - Labour's financial crisis - in which we find ourselves, then it begs one astoundingly obvious question. Why have you sat there for 13 years and wasted our money?

This is a serious point. It is perfectly reasonable for Osborne to stand up and say he will cut waste. We all know it is possible; we all see it daily. But for Darling to make the same claim, even if the factual basis is the same, is an utter admission of failure. Of course, there is always waste; no budget can be spent perfectly. But if the waste that lies in public spending is enough to help with the crisis, then Labour have failed, utterly. If they have not failed utterly, then there must only be a minimal and unavoidable level of waste and therefore nothing to save.

If there is enough waste that we can help things by cutting it, then surely that waste is what dragged us into financial ruin - and now Labour propose to save us by not being stupid any more? For Darling to stand up and say that he will save us from financial ruin by cutting waste is the rhetorical equivalent of the boy who murdered his parents and then pleaded to the Court for clemency on the grounds that he was an orphan.

Which is it, Darling? Are you lying, or is Labour incompetent?

*Also, Mondays are a bit busy as it is Brownies night.


  1. Psst. ::[whisper]:: You are a bit old for Brownies. ::[whisper]::

  2. Yes, but they are tasty. Couldn't finish a whole one in a single sitting, though.