Wednesday, 5 August 2009

And end to Spin ... ?

Dearest Gordon, Saviour of the World Banking System, is now going to bring his unique skills to the help of unspecified needy people in his constituency.

No 10 had been reluctant to confirm this for fear it might be seen as a publicity stunt.
Heaven forbid that Gordon should be grubbing around for publicity at this time. Indeed:
Downing Street confirmed the story but said details would remain private.
I am reminded of the man who made a substantial anonymous donation to a charity, and then insisted that he wanted all to know that it was him who had made it.

Sorry, after 12 years I am completely, wholly and utterly cynical about this man. This is the perfect form of spin for him; not only does he let it be known that he is doing voluntary work, he also lets it be known that he didn't want it to be known that he is doing voluntary work. What's more, as we don't know what he's doing and when, we can't even make sure he does it! Perfect!

What he hasn't realised, though, is that I don't want the PM to be doing voluntary work. It is, by all accounts, a 24/7/365 job (one of the reasons I don't want it). When the PM is not actually in Downing Street, or in touch with Downing Street, running the country like he's paid to, I want him to be resting and thinking properly so that he is better able to run the country when he gets back. Instead, he's off counting his Brownie points. As if that wasn't bad enough, while he's doing that we have to listen to the Harrying Harperson.

Come on, Gordon; you make such a fuss of "just getting on with the job". Get on with it, then.


  1. It came, as stated in the report, "from an official source."!

    Setting an example? Well, if that is the case, please resign Prime Minister. The people of this country want an election. Do you think the PM doesn't look at polls?

  2. Just think that while Obama is trying to pass the biggest shake up of healthcare in America in forty years, our chap is with some hoodies, listening to lily Allen on his I-Pod, smoking roll ups and painting over grafitti in the local toilets.
    And while he's trying to bond with the youth, one of them has painted Tos**r across the back of his ill fitting suit.

    Its damned good practice for him for 2010.