Friday, 7 August 2009

Come on - you've all thought it.

And now, at last, someone has produced the sign:

(With thanks to Dizzy for spotting it, and a hat tip to Dick Puddlecote for drawing it to my attention)


  1. Where can I get one?

    When this round of silliness started the priest at our church said "You're also not allowed to bring fire arms into church or take your clothes off. But the Government doesn't require us to display a notice against those things because it's obvious."

  2. No 'bathing in blancmange'? How disappointing.

  3. Sadly measured, it's not been allowed since the Second Vatican Council.

  4. Albert - wonderful.

    Measured - blancmange bathing must be prevented. Bathers start off innocently, but soon find themselves tempted by the delights of custard.