Saturday, 6 June 2009

Window dressing

So, Ms Flint is upset because she feels that Gordon used her as "female window dressing". What could possibly have given him that idea?

if it looks like a net curtain, it probably is a net curtain

Oh yes, maybe it was all those photos you posed for.

Look, I don't have a problem with women in positions of responsibility and power. Nor do I have a problem with women making themselves attractive. Nor, indeed, do I have an issue with attractive women in positions of power and responsibility. But I do have a problem with a woman who consciously and deliberately makes herself attractive to men, then gets angry when men find her attractive.

To do so shows a remarkable, and somewhat alarming, flexibility of opinion. Someone who could do that might, for example, express their complete loyalty to a Prime Minister one evening, then resign angrily the very next day. And if we had Ministers like that, well, gosh, our government might end up in a state of undisciplined chaos.


  1. "So, Ms Flint is upset because she feels that Gordon used her as "female window dressing"."

    Isn't that implying she couldn't do the job?

    She appears to have a somewhat high regard of herself but you don't seem think so.

    I cannot work out what she or you are complaining about in this particular instance as I did not hear Brown did express his appreciation for her appearance. Maybe she was more upset about that?

  2. Measured, "Isn't that implying she couldn't do the job?"

    Well she was the Europe Minister who boasted of never having read the Lisbon Treaty. Sounds like someone unable to do her job. And now she can't say that she didn't have time to read it because she was always being called to Cabinet.

    With enemies like her who needs friends? Is it any wonder Brown has managed to stay?

  3. Albert, Let's just say she may have muddled up the Lisbon Treaty with the European Constitution. She didn't know what she had read. Now don't go telling me that's not possible. :-)

  4. Measured, I think you may have just explained why Gordon Brown hasn't shown any interest in her opinions.

  5. She was awful. One stupid kite flying idea every friday.
    She had to have {UP} printed on the reverse of her graphs, and she was another of those clear plastic folders users, on show to the press.

    "House prices falling = bad"
    "House repossessions = not a good thing"
    "Growth = good ?? is that right?"

    Remember? No? well she was very forgettable.

  6. She had to have {UP} printed on the reverse of her graphs

    ROFL! Did she have L and R on her gloves, too?