Monday, 8 June 2009


In cricket, there are rules to determine when the batsman is out, and there is an umpire to apply those rules and pronounce a verdict. Nevertheless, the tradition is that the batsman should walk before the umpire calls him out. Simple honour and conscience dictates this; where it is clear that the batsman's innings is evidently over, it is wrong to hog the stump and waste everyone's time waiting for the inevitable signal from the umpire.

I'm sure you can see where this is leading... Yes, I'm talking about Gordon, of course. We have made our view perfectly clear; of those polled, not a single council is now Labour-run. One entire county is wholly free of Labour councillors (Surrey). In one ward, they fell behind the Official Monster Raving Loony Party, making them (in that ward) a fringe party.

The Euro elections were, difficult though that may sound, even worse for Labour. Beatin into third place nationally, there were regions in which fourth place (or worse) was set aside for them. On a national average vote of 15.3%, Labour are a minority party and any claim that they have a mandate to govern is, in the literal sense of the word, incredible.

The people have made their view clear; we do not want a Labour government. There is no alternative interpretation. He has missed the ball, and the bails are flying. The fact that the umpire does not have to be called in to decide for another year does not mean Gordon should wait for that time, only that he is able to do so.

Go now, Gordon, and retain what little grace and dignity you have left.


  1. Did you see Dan Hannan? The man is rapidly becoming the best orator in British politics. He quoted Dr Suess in his victory speech...

    "You can go by foot,
    you can go by cow,
    Gordon Brown,
    will you please go now"


  2. Stu, it was a great speech. He also said that Brown,like the Terminator wouldn't die by kept coming back. Perhaps Hannan reads Patently's blog.

  3. Yes, Dan Han's speech was just wonderful.

  4. Sorry, but you are missing just one thing: Brown is not "British" in the way that most British people are.

  5. I don't think cricket is Brown's game.
    He was a rugger man. Biting the eyes out of your opponent and then claiming it was all an accident. A quick kick between the legs, elbow in the chin, studs down the shin and run for the line, knocking down anyone in the way.

  6. BE, BQ, good point.... would explain a lot.

  7. "Simple honour and conscience dictates this..."

    Honour and Conscience have resigned. They do not simply do not dictate anything now, Patently.

  8. This whole PLP mess has been thoroughly undignified and almost verging on petulant at times. Hardly a sign of a strong, unified government!

  9. Ouch! Such a counsel of despair, Measured.

    Yes, honour and conscience are noticeable by their absence. Therefore we must bring them back. (just as soon as someone can work out how to)

    LFAT- quite. True colours being shown, I think.