Wednesday, 20 May 2009

What am I?

Bored, a long way from home, and with my sleep patterns up the creek, I've done the "Political Spectrum" test .... again. Anyway, here for your delectation or disgust are the results.

Politically, I am apparently a right moderate social libertarian:

Right: 3.79, Libertarian: 1.71

As regards foreign policy, I score -1.42 which puts me on the "non-interventionist" side:

And culturally, I seem to be pretty well perfectly balanced, with a score of -0.07:

With thanks, of course, to the Political Spectrum Quiz


  1. I did the test a couple of weeks ago, and didn't keep the results. I just did it again quickly, and turned out to be a "right social libertarian"

    Right 5.33, Libertarian 3.51.

    Foreign Policy -3.89

    Culture -0.3

    I'll have to do it again in a couple of weeks and see what I get then!

    By the way, I'm just about to be away from home for a week, and not really looking forward to it.

  2. Ooh I hope you meet my boss! Make him buy you a drink!

  3. YMB - Sounds like the test actually works, then!

    Anonytrainee - give me a clue and I'll try and hunt him down! Still one day left....

  4. "And culturally, I seem to be pretty well perfectly balanced"

    Try having a conversation with Nick Griffin about that.

  5. I think just "having a conversation with Nick Griffin" would be enough of a challenge, if we adopt anthing above a minimal definition for "conversation".

  6. Well, I promised that I would do it again, since I rushed last time, and this time I did it more slowly, and got: You are a right moderate social libertarian.

    Right: 4.32, Libertarian: 3.07

    Foreign Policy: -4

    Culture: 1.43

    So I seem to have moderated slightly, and am less right wing, but more culturally conservative.