Tuesday, 5 May 2009

A Picture Tells a Thousand Words

Something very odd is happening.

Either the BBC has turned against its master, or its news website has been hacked, or Gordon's minders have let him down - and done so big-time. Either way, take a look at the picture in this BBC News report.

In case they swap it, here is a snapshot.

Hat Tip: Blue Eyes


  1. Thanks for pointing it out. I am certain that it was a different pic when I posted on the headline earlier.

  2. Spooky. Maybe someone doesn't like Gordon.

    Scotland Yard should have no trouble finding the culprit. Only 58 million suspects fit that description...

  3. Those Nazi cattle up to their tricks again...

    I hope this comment makes your post patently self-explanatory so everyone appreciates your excellent observation skills, Patently.