Friday, 31 October 2008

Real Multiculturalism

I'm very glad to see that at least one member of the High Wycombe Muslim population has integrated herself properly into British society. She has evidently studied our ways carefully, and adopted our way of life as her own.

While I was driving through Wycombe this evening, she chose to pull out onto a roundabout directly in front of me, despite having had a clear view of my approach. I naturally screeched to a halt. Through her driver's window, I quite clearly saw the burka-clad lady lift her hand from the steering wheel to display the traditional British two-fingered salute. What more British way could there be to apologise for obstructing my path, and express her gratitude for my exercise of due care and attention in not ramming the side of her car, for not injuring the young children that could just be seen peeking over the window sills and learning Britishness from their (presumably) mother's example.

Does it not make a perfect picture of 21st century Britain? Two fingers stuck up in front of a burka?


  1. "Does it not make a perfect picture of 21st century Britain? Two fingers stuck up in front of a burka?"

    There's a very famous BNP poster showing just that image...

    Mind you, given the abysmal standard of drivng in my area, you're lucky she even bothered to look in your direction afterwards!

  2. That's the nice thing about Buckinghamshire, Julia. You get a much better class of insult!

  3. She may have stumbled upon a way, never to get a speeding ticket again. Imagine two ladies wearing bhurkas both insured to drive a car, who could not remember who was driving at any one time. Photo identification from speed cameras is rendered useless by the facial coverings..... hmmm..

    allah akbar...