Thursday, 16 October 2008

Just a Today Minute

I have an hour or so's drive to and from work each day, during which time Radio 4 is my default listening. In the morning, that does of course mean the Today programme.

It used to irritate me, for the usual and obvious reasons - primarily the old chestnut that the Today programme never saw a problem that could not be solved by throwing Government money at it. But I've found a way round this.

Usually, there will be an interview with a New Labourite. All you have to do is apply the rules of Just a Minute, with minor adjustments. Nicholas Parsons adjudicates as to whether a panellist has displayed hesitation, deviation or repitition; I listen to the Minister for the Day to see whether s/he is displaying obfuscation, avoidance of the question, or simple downright untruthfulness. If I should detect any, I get to press the buzzer which, in my car, is the "iPod" button.

It's much more fun than listening to their usual drivel. I just wish that one day, one of them would manage a whole minute.


  1. Patently. I have nothing to add but its such a good idea it deserves a comyou do the slogan of one party sung to the tune of another? Like the immigration backtrack shuffle recently

  2. :-D

    With Gordon on the piano, of course.