Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Gordon Doesn't Get It.

So, the centrepiece of Gordon's personal recovery plan and his plan to revive the housing market is to introduce government loans to help first-time buyers. He really doesn't understand the problem, clearly.

Over the last eleven years during which he has been running the UK economy (no, Darling, you don't) taxation has quietly but inexorably increased. No-one seriously disputes this now. This has meant that the State has steadily taken more and more of a controlling stake in the conduct of the country; it takes money from all and gives it to those of whom it approves. From now on, the housing market will be able to move forward, provided that those involved have the State's approval.

Of course, if Gordon rolled back the tax increases of the last eleven years, cut official spending back to 1997 levels, and (even better) gave back all the additional money taken from us over those years, we wouldn't need this oh-so-generous help from the State. But I don't see that happening. Instead, we have more State spending, which will be funded by more taxation, which will be administered by more civil servants, who will all have to be paid, sheltered and supplied with paper to shuffle and desks to shuffle them on. And so we will descend further into New Labour's endless death spiral of taxation, spending and waste.

Until 1 May 2009, that is (I sincerely hope...).

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  1. I think Gordon gets it precisely. This is exactly what he wants!