Sunday, 24 April 2016

A positive vision to leave

For decades now, I have argued with people who suggested that it wasn't worth voting.  Same sh*t, different faces was the essence of their argument.  With the Brexit vote looming, and the possibility that we might not vote to leave, I have realised tonight that those people had a point. 

Does it really matter who tells us to do what Brussels decides?  No.  Has Cameron stamped the imprint of distinctly Conservative policies on this nation?  No.  Has he changed the agenda from the liberal-left corporatist centrist lets-just-muddle-through-and-stay-in-power smile-for-the-camera machine politics that we have had since 1990?  No.  Does he even have the power to do that?  No, he's only the Prime Minister.  He doesn't have the authority to change the agenda, because he doesn't set it. 

So let's vote for something positive on the 23rd.

Let's vote to make our politics our own again.

Let's vote to make Westminster meaningful again, to give it the chance to rise to the opportunity.

Let's vote in favour of making voting worthwhile.  

Let's vote to leave the EU.

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