Monday, 19 November 2012

A little too meta?

Let's say that a manufacturer created a product that was intended to develop a market in a different direction, to give back some of the enjoyment to a product that had become mundane and dull.  Let's say that the dullness had resulted from a plethora of rules and regulations that were intended to rein in manufacturers who had been making that product in the old way, and that the new product side-stepped all that - that it derived its fun in a different, more traditional manner that the manufacturer thought should be revived, that pre-dated the developments that led to the rules & regulations.

Let's say that the manufacturer concerned decided to advertise the product using imagery around someone trapped by the dullness of everyday life, who decides to stick it to the authorities and escape - using the product, of course.

If this were part of a dystopian fiction, then the authorities would of course step in and ban the advert.  But this is real life, in a rational Western democracy in which we are all treated like adults. The authorities would certainly allow a product like the Toyota GT86 to be advertised in a witty manner, and the Advertising Standards Authority would certainly not ban the advert just because it showed a sports car being driven in a sporty manner.

On, wait, I'm wrong.  They did ban it.  All we are left with is this:


Now, I saw the original un-cut advert.  It was fine.  Really.  This is just pathetic.


  1. Didn't see the original. Like the look of the car though!

  2. I heard there were two complaints. Two! if it was 2,000 then they might have a point.

    What a stupid country this is.