Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Our wonderful public sector

Our kind and munificent local authority has just sent a road sweeper to collect all those slippery leaves from the road, leaving it nice & clean & safe.  Ten minutes later, they sent a man with a blower to blow the leaves off the pavement... onto the road.  So, another ten minutes later, the the road sweeper had to come back to do the road all over again.

Now tell me that there is no scope for efficiency savings.


  1. In a sane world someone reading this would say "nah, too stupid, don't believe you". In Britain it rings 100% true.

  2. Here as well....

    "Council" workers are a breed. They have had all the IQ bred out.

  3. It's good for economic activity, though; if the roadsweeper is Highways Dept and the pavement leaf-blower H&S or something of the sort,then the myriad middlemen (or, more likely, women) can spend a happy couple of days passing invoices and record sheets back and forth in a festival of justification for their continued employment.